Gels and Toothpastes

SansFluo Natural Teething Gel


Red cheeks or rashes, drooling, restlessness, irritability, and loss of appetite—these are signs that your baby may be teething. Comfort your infants and little kids with the cool feeling of SansFluo Natural Teething Gel.

How to Use:

1. Wash hands. 2. Cut open tip of the tube. 3. Use a small amount on a cotton bud’s applicator. 4. Apply to affected gum area.

SansFluo Natural Toothgel Cleanser

50 ml

For infants and little kids, brushing teeth and rinsing properly is still a learning process, so they often get to swallow some or all of their toothpaste. For children below two years of age, it is not recommended to use fluoride toothpaste. SansFluo Natural Toothgel Cleanser is a fluoride-free toothpaste formulated for children from 0-4 years old. It is non- foaming and contains no paraben. No sodium lauryl sulfate. All in all, no harmful ingredients!

Powered by xylitol, it is safe to swallow and comes in two great tasting flavors of orange and strawberry.

SansFluo Natural Kids Toothpaste

50 ml

For kids 4 years and up, this is your child’s next companion in the practice of good oral habits. SansFluo Kids contains Calcium to strengthen teeth, Xylitol to reduce tooth decay and promote fresh breath, and Fibregum™ that is packed with antimicrobial properties that prevent dental caries and unhealthy gums. It is easily absorbed onto your child’s eroded enamel surface and forms a thin film that creates a shielding effect. Also, it stimulates saliva secretion to prevent dryness of mouth.

Fibregum™ has been recommended safe for dental use by the Toothfriendly International Association

SansFluo Kids come in two fresh-tasting flavors: Honey Dew Vanilla and Strawberry Creme.

Tooth Protection

SansFluo Natural Xylitol Swab


Scientists and dental experts worldwide recommend that children have regular applications of xylitol during the entire process of tooth eruption to prevent dental caries.

SansFluo Xylitol Swab has a high concentration of xylitol especially formulated for children 6 months up to 3 years of age. It is applied or coated on the tooth surface and gum line of children to inhibit the formation of plaque that causes the tooth decay, retards the growth of oral bad bacteria and prevents early childhood cavities.

Oral Cleaning Tools

SansFluo Tooth & Gum Wipes with Xylitol How to Use

24 sachets per box

Sometimes, a full tooth-brushing or gum-cleansing routine may not be possible when we’re out and about with babies and tiny tots. That’s when SansFluo Natural Tooth and Gum Wipes with Xylitol come in handy.

These wipes contain more Xylitol, a sweetener that inhibits the growth of tooth-decay-causing bacteria. Ideal for cleaning the teeth, gums, and tongue of infants and children when tooth brushing can’t be done.

SansFluo Infant’s Dental Brush and Gum Massager with Hygiene Case
How to use

(0-1 year old)

Parents are encouraged to begin instilling the tooth-brushing habit in their babies as soon as the first tooth appears. When the child’s mouth is not brushed or cleaned, sugars in milk form a plaque film that serves as a breeding ground for harmful oral bacteria causing dental caries. SansFluo Dental Brush is also a gum massager that’s soft and gentle enough to clean your child’s delicate mouth and teeth.  It comes with a hygiene case to keep the dental brush clean and sanitary.

How to Use:

1. Wash hands thoroughly. 2. Wash the dental brush with soap and warm water. 3. Place your index finger in the brush. 4. Squeeze a small amount of SansFluo Toothgel on the brush. 5. Use small circular brushing motions on your child’s teeth and gums. 6. After use, wash the dental brush, leave it to dry, then store in the hygiene case.

SansFluo PenGrip Baby Toothbrush

(5 months-2 years old)

The SansFluo Pen-grip Toothbrush is designed for parents to hold and use on their baby’s teeth, with a long handle to gain easy access and clean the hard to reach baby molars. Studies have shown that holding the toothbrush in a pen grip using just the thumb and forefinger, rather than by resting the toothbrush in the palm of the hand and being held with four fingers, results in less pressure being applied when brushing thus preventing gum injury and causing less tooth substance loss due to abrasion. Comes in blue and pink.

SansFluo Infant's Silicone Training Toothbrush with Soft Teether
How to use

(0-1 year old)

When it’s time to teach baby how to properly brush teeth, start with SansFluo Infant’s Silicone Training Toothbrush with Soft Teether. Its design allows baby to effectively and safely learn the necessary motor skills for a healthy oral care habit.

The silicone handle and bristles are soft and gentle—perfect for baby’s tiny hands and tender gums and teeth. It also has a soft teether-type handle that soothes sensitive gums during the eruption of baby’s teeth.

It’s available in the baby colors of pink and blue. Replace it every 2-3 months or after an illness.

SansFluo Bendable Baby Toothbrush

(6 months old and up)

At 6 months old, most children can hold a toothbrush on their own already. Get your little one a SansFluo Bendable Baby Toothbrush at this age. It has a flexible and safe handgrip that will help baby get accustomed to toothbrushing. Allow your child to use it and brush teeth on his or her own. Meanwhile, maintain a guiding hand to ensure that kiddo’s little hand has a good grip on the handle.

SansFluo Kids Toothbrush

(2-5 years old)

Kids already trained on how to properly brush their teeth are ready for the next level of good oral care habits. Time for them to use SansFluo Kids Toothbrush for toddlers! Its main features are the following:

  • Customized head brush small enough to fit a toddler’s mouth.
  • Soft and thin bristles that can easily clean spaces between the teeth and gums.
  • Non-slip rubber grip that’s perfect for a toddler’s small hands.

It’s available in the baby colors of pink and blue. Replace it every 2-3 months or after an illness.

SansFluo Kids Toothbrush

(5-10 years old)

Kids 5-10 years old undergo the slow process of replacing their baby teeth with permanent ones. As a result, they get mixed dentition – the state of a having both permanent and baby teeth. Let your child easily take care of both (especially the permanent teeth) with SansFluo Kids Toothbrush for kids 5-10 years old! Its main features are the following:

  • Customized head brush suitable for kids with mixed dentition.
  • Soft and thin bristles that can easily clean spaces between the permanent and baby teeth.
  • Long handle for better reach of molars and removal of plaque.

It’s available in the baby colors of pink and blue. Replace it every 2-3 months or after an illness.

SansFluo Dental Floss Picks

Are baby’s teeth starting to come in contact with each other? Time to use SansFluo Dental Floss Picks, to gently remove the debris or plaque that toothbrushes can’t easily reach. If left unremoved, they can harden and become tartar or calcular deposits which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Floss every day to ensure that your little one grows up with a healthy and beautiful smile.

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