Sometime in 2001, mother and dentist Dr. Gemma M. Chavez scoured the stores in Manila looking for a toothpaste brand with no fluoride for her little children. She knew of studies showing that excessive ingestion of fluoride by children during their teeth forming years caused dental fluorosis, an irregular mineralization of the tooth enamel marked by white spots. She was also well-aware that most toothpastes are not meant to be swallowed because of the ingredients they contain that aren’t safe when consumed.

Unable to find such a product locally, she had to ask her sister abroad to buy for her. Beyond it being an inconvenience, she also realized the need for families in the Philippines for such a toothpaste option. Soon she, together with her husband, considered making one locally, and thus embarked on extensive research and development of a toothpaste for babies. They learned of the studies involving xylitol—a natural ingredient considered a breakthrough discovery in oral health.

Health Amendments, Inc. (HAI) was registered as a duly organized corporation in 2003. A year later, HAI launched SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser. Inspired by the heartwarming response of mothers to SansFluo, the company introduced other oral care products in the market and remains dedicated to developing and delivering safe and effective oral care products. It consistently makes xylitol a principal ingredient in its oral care products in order to give local consumers the chance to reap the excellent dental benefits of xylitol.

All HAI oral care products are duly registered with and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines.

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